Safety Measures Evolved

Ontario's Oral Health Regulatory Colleges have continuously adapted safety measures, ensuring dental care remains accessible during the pandemic.

Virtual Consultations

To support patients, virtual consultations and teledentistry became viable options for non-emergency cases.

Aerosol Management

Dental clinics incorporated advanced aerosol management techniques to minimize the risk of viral transmission.

Pre-Screening Protocols

Stringent pre-screening protocols were established to assess patients' health before dental visits.

Asymptomatic Carriers Awareness

Efforts were made to educate the public about the potential risks of asymptomatic carriers and dental care.

Oral Health & COVID-19

Research explored the relationship between oral health and COVID-19 severity, highlighting its impact on vulnerable populations.

PPE Innovations

Dental professionals witnessed innovative PPE solutions to enhance safety without compromising patient care.

Dental Anxiety Management

Addressing the surge in dental anxiety, practitioners adopted patient-centric approaches for a more comfortable experience.

Tele-Education for Dentists

Continuing education for dental professionals went virtual, enabling ongoing learning and skill development.

Community Outreach Initiatives

Dental colleges actively engaged in community outreach to promote oral health amid the pandemic.

Dental Hygiene Best Practices:

Dental hygienists played a crucial role in educating patients on maintaining oral hygiene at home.

Social Media Awareness Campaigns

Dental colleges utilized social media platforms to spread awareness and share accurate information.

Impacts on Dental Students

The pandemic had profound effects on dental students' education and training, leading to innovative learning approaches.

Research Advancements

COVID-19 research spurred dental-related innovations and technologies for safer and efficient practices.