Early Success Story

New Mexico was praised for its proactive approach to contain COVID, leading to lower infection rates in the initial stages.

Vaccine Milestone

Learn about the significant milestones in New Mexico's vaccination campaign and their impact on curbing the spread of the virus.

Rural Challenges

Discover the unique challenges faced by rural communities in New Mexico during the pandemic and the innovative solutions adopted.

Indigenous Initiatives

Explore the culturally sensitive initiatives taken to protect Indigenous populations from COVID.

Drive-Through Testing Pioneers

New Mexico became one of the pioneers in drive-through testing facilities, streamlining testing processes for citizens.

Telehealth Revolution

Uncover how New Mexico embraced telehealth services to ensure medical access during the pandemic.

Bilingual Communication

Learn about the state's efforts in bilingual communication to reach diverse communities effectively.

COVID's Environmental Impact

Discover how the pandemic influenced New Mexico's environmental and wildlife preservation efforts.

Youth Initiatives

Explore how young individuals in New Mexico actively contributed to community-driven COVID relief programs.

Collaboration and Unity

Learn about the collaborative efforts between different sectors in New Mexico to fight the pandemic as one united front.

Lesser-Known Hotspots

Unveil the surprising COVID hotspots in New Mexico and the measures taken to contain outbreaks.