Lemon pairing mistakes that could ruin your meal!

Avoid these common mistakes to make your food shine.

Lemon and fish: A fishy taste.

The acid in lemon juice can make fish taste fishy.

Lemon and shellfish: A metallic taste.

Lemon juice can also make shellfish taste metallic.

Lemon and tomatoes: A bitter taste.

The acid in lemon juice can make tomatoes taste bitter.

Lemon and dairy: A curdled texture.

Lemon juice can curdle dairy products.

Lemon and eggs: A rubbery texture.

Lemon juice can make eggs rubbery.

Lemon and chocolate: A bitter taste.

Lemon juice can make chocolate taste bitter.

Lemon and sweet fruits: A sour taste.

Lemon juice can overpower the sweetness of sweet fruits.

Lemon and herbs: A clash of flavors.

Lemon juice can clash with the flavors of some herbs.

Lemon pairings that work: Citrus, seafood, and vegetables.

Lemon pairs well with citrus fruits, seafood, and vegetables.