Vulnerable Beginnings

The developing brain of a fetus is especially vulnerable to external influences, including substances like cannabis.

Complex Neurodevelopment

Cannabis compounds can interfere with the intricate process of neurodevelopment, potentially leading to long-term effects.

Gender Influence

The effects of cannabis on the developing brain might vary based on the gender of the child.

Misleading Myths

Dispelling the myth of cannabis as a harmless choice during pregnancy, research reveals potential detrimental impacts.

Critical Trimesters

The first and third trimesters are particularly sensitive periods, with cannabis exposure potentially affecting brain growth.

Memory and Learning

Cannabis use during pregnancy might impact memory and learning abilities of the child later in life.

Attention Challenges

Children exposed to cannabis in utero might be at a higher risk of attention-related issues.

Emotional Regulation

Cannabis exposure could affect the child's ability to regulate emotions, potentially leading to behavioral challenges.

Prenatal vs. Postnatal

Cannabis use post-pregnancy might still expose the developing infant to cannabinoids through breast milk.

THC Transference

The active compound in cannabis, THC, can cross the placental barrier and potentially affect the developing brain.

Sleep Disruption

Cannabis exposure could lead to disruptions in sleep patterns for both the mother and the unborn child.