Ultra-Processed Food Defined

Discover the surprising definition of ultra-processed foods and how they differ from regular processed items.

The Doctor's Personal Story

Dive into the doctor's personal experience of falling sick due to an ultra-processed diet, which sparked his research journey

Addictive Food Formulation

Unravel the secret behind why some ultra-processed foods are designed to be highly addictive.

Hidden Sugars Everywhere

Learn about the various hidden sources of sugars in ultra-processed foods, even in savory items.

Artificial Additives Impact

Explore the lesser-known health implications of artificial additives frequently used in processed products.

Ultra-Processed & Gut Health

Understand the link between ultra-processed diets and disruptions in gut microbiota.

Nutrient Void Trap

Find out how ultra-processed foods may trick your body into consuming more empty calories.

Ultra-Processed & Mental Health

Discover the potential impact of processed diets on mental well-being and cognitive function.

Processed Food Marketing Tactics

Learn about the persuasive tactics used in processed food marketing to target consumers.

Hidden Sodium Levels

Unveil the alarming levels of hidden sodium in various processed items, even those perceived as healthy.

Environmental Impact

Examine the environmental footprint of the ultra-processed food industry.