The First Guest Appearance

Ron Sexton's first guest appearance on 'The Bob and Tom Show' left a lasting impression on listeners with his quick wit and infectious laughter, marking the beginning of a legendary partnership.

The Mystery of the "Stinky"

The hilarious character "Stinky" became an iconic persona on the show, but the true identity behind the character was kept a secret for years, leaving fans guessing.

The Improv Master

Ron Sexton's improvisational skills were unparalleled, making every moment on the show spontaneous and filled with laughter.

The Iconic Catchphrases

Ron Sexton introduced several unforgettable catchphrases to the show, each becoming a fan favorite and an integral part of the program's charm.

The Legendary Comedy Duo

Ron Sexton and Tom Griswold formed a comedic duo that sparked laughter and camaraderie on the airwaves, creating timeless entertainment.

The Prankster Extraordinaire

Behind the scenes, Ron Sexton was known for his playful pranks on his co-hosts and crew, bringing joy and laughter to the entire team.

The Voice Master

Ron Sexton's ability to mimic various voices and accents added a unique dimension to the show, captivating audiences with his diverse vocal talents.

The Unscripted Laughter

One of Ron Sexton's greatest talents was his contagious laughter that often erupted spontaneously, turning even serious moments into comedic gold.

The Musical Comedy Maestro

Ron Sexton's musical talents shone through in comedic songs and parodies, showcasing his creativity and love for entertaining through music.

The "Stinky" Revelation

After years of speculation, the identity of "Stinky" was finally revealed, surprising and delighting fans who had been guessing for so long.

The Legacy of Laughter

Ron Sexton's legacy of laughter continues to inspire new generations of comedians and entertainers, leaving an indelible mark on the world of comedy.

The Classic Comedy Bits

'The Bob and Tom Show' featured classic comedy bits led by Ron Sexton, becoming timeless favorites that fans still cherish to this day.