The Unprecedented Spike

Uncover the unexpected surge in leprosy cases that caught Florida by surprise.

The Geographical Hotspots

Learn about the geographical areas most affected by the leprosy increase.

The Demographic Patterns

Explore the demographic trends among leprosy patients in Florida.

The Delayed Diagnosis

Discover the challenges in diagnosing leprosy and its implications for patients.

The Leprosy Symptoms

Unveil the distinct symptoms of leprosy and the importance of early detection.

The Public Health Response

Learn about the swift response from health authorities to contain the surge.

The Contact Tracing Efforts

Explore the extensive contact tracing efforts to prevent further transmission.

The Socio-Economic Impact

Discover the socio-economic consequences faced by individuals and communities affected by leprosy.

The Stigma and Misconceptions

Uncover the stigma and misconceptions surrounding leprosy and its impact on patients.

The Research and Surveillance

Learn about the ongoing research and surveillance efforts to understand the surge.

The Leprosy Treatment Options

Explore the treatment options available for leprosy patients in Florida.