The DashPass Summer Kickoff

The Summer of DashPass kicks off with a bang, offering DoorDash subscribers a season filled with exciting deals and savings.

The Insider Restaurant Collaborations

DoorDash has partnered with exclusive restaurants for special collaborations, bringing unique and delectable dishes to DashPass users.

The Secret Menu Delights

Hidden within the DoorDash app, DashPass users can unlock secret menu items from their favorite restaurants for a limited time.

The DashPass Exclusive Perks

DashPass members gain exclusive access to perks like free delivery, priority support, and early access to new restaurant additions.

The Mystery Golden Tickets

Lucky DashPass subscribers have a chance to discover Golden Tickets hidden in their orders, granting them extraordinary discounts.

The DashPass Celebration Days

DoorDash surprises DashPass users with special celebration days, offering even more significant discounts on selected cuisines.

The DashPass Foodie Challenges

DashPass users can participate in fun foodie challenges, earning rewards and badges for exploring new restaurants and cuisines.

The DashPass Summer Social

DoorDash hosts an interactive Summer Social event for DashPass subscribers, featuring live chats with chefs and exclusive giveaways.

The DashPass Mystery Rewards

Unveil the mystery rewards within the DoorDash app, where DashPass users can uncover surprise discounts on their favorite orders.

The DashPass Local Gems

Discover hidden gems in your local area, as DashPass introduces special deals from local restaurants, supporting the community.

The DashPass Summer Sweepstakes

DashPass users automatically enter the Summer Sweepstakes, where they have a chance to win exciting prizes and experiences.

The DashPass Rewards Streak

Users can keep the DashPass Rewards Streak going by ordering frequently, earning bonus discounts and rewards along the way.

The DashPass Vacation Giveaway

A lucky DashPass subscriber will win a dream vacation for two, courtesy of DoorDash, as a grand finale to the Summer of DashPass.

The DashPass Summer Farewell

As summer comes to an end, DoorDash bids farewell with a final surprise event, offering an unforgettable last hurrah for DashPass users.