The African Swine Fever Crisis

Uncover the global impact of African Swine Fever and its potential threat to the U.S.

The Silent Menace

Learn about the elusive nature of African Swine Fever and its rapid spread.

Understanding the Virus

Explore the lesser-known characteristics of the African Swine Fever virus.

Pork Industry Vulnerability

Discover how the U.S. pork industry could be vulnerable to an outbreak.

Wild Boar Infestation

Unravel the challenges posed by wild boars in the spread of African Swine Fever.

The Economic Toll

Understand the potential economic consequences of an African Swine Fever outbreak.

Human Health Risks

Explore the possible risks to human health posed by the virus.

Biosecurity Measures

Learn about the essential biosecurity measures in place to prevent an outbreak.

International Cooperation

Discover the importance of international cooperation in managing the threat.

Containment Strategies

Explore the strategies for containing an African Swine Fever outbreak.

Vaccination Efforts

Learn about ongoing research and efforts to develop a vaccine.