Spoon-shaped nails: Concave-shaped nails indicate iron deficiency.

Hair loss: Thinning or shedding hair may indicate iron deficiency.

Pagophagia: Craving and chewing ice due to iron deficiency.

Restless legs: Uncontrollable urge to move legs during rest.

Anguished tongue: Painful, swollen, or inflamed tongue (glossitis).

Swallowing issues: Iron deficiency can cause swallowing difficulties.

Palpitations: Irregular or rapid heartbeat can signal deficiency.

Brain fog: Difficulty concentrating and mental sluggishness.

Brittle bones: Increased risk of osteoporosis due to iron deficiency.

Pica cravings: Craving non-food items like ice or dirt.

Cold intolerance: Feeling excessively cold, especially in extremities.