Active lifestyle: She incorporates physical activity into her daily routine, such as walking or cycling.

Avoiding processed foods: Kangana stays away from processed and packaged foods.

Customized diet plan: She follows a personalized diet plan tailored to her specific needs and goals.

Interval training: High-intensity interval training helps Kangana burn calories effectively.

Motivation: She maintains a strong motivation and dedication to her fitness journey.

Detoxification: Regular detoxification practices help her cleanse her body and maintain a healthy glow.

Monitoring progress: Kangana tracks her progress regularly to stay on track with her goals.

Flexibility training: Stretching and flexibility exercises are integral parts of her fitness routine.

Mindset shift: She cultivates a positive mindset towards her body and fitness goals.

Outdoor activities: Engaging in outdoor activities like hiking or swimming keeps her active.

Variation in workouts: Kangana adds variety to her workouts to prevent boredom and challenge her body.

Self-discipline: She maintains self-discipline when it comes to sticking to her fitness routine.