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The Danger of Salmonella Mbandaka in Cooked Chicken


In a concerning incident at the Port of Felixstowe, authorities have discovered a potentially deadly bacteria, Salmonella Mbandaka, in a shipment of 22 tonnes of cooked chicken. This has raised significant health concerns as the bacteria is known to cause infectious outbreaks worldwide. In this article, we delve into the dangers posed by Salmonella Mbandaka and the importance of ensuring chicken products are free from such contamination.

The Danger of Salmonella Mbandaka in Cooked Chicken

The Discovery of Salmonella Mbandaka

The Suffolk Coastal Port Health Authority (SCPHA) raised suspicions when it detected salmonella in a previous import of chicken from the same factory during routine checks. Upon further investigation, it was confirmed that the strain responsible for the contamination was the Salmonella subspecies Mbandaka. This specific strain is a cause for great concern due to its potential to cause severe health issues.

The Hazards of Salmonella Mbandaka

Salmonella bacteria are known to reside in the intestines of both animals and humans and are often spread through fecal matter. Infections in humans occur primarily through the consumption of contaminated water or food, making it crucial to address any potential contamination in food products.

Salmonella Mbandaka can lead to symptoms such as fever, vomiting, and diarrhea for most people. However, the elderly and vulnerable individuals may experience more severe consequences, and in some cases, the infection can be fatal. This highlights the importance of preventing its transmission through proper food safety measures.

The Danger of Salmonella Mbandaka in Cooked Chicken

Spread and Transmission of Salmonella Bacteria

Salmonella Mbandaka infections have been reported across various countries in Europe, affecting many individuals. The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control reported 196 cases of Salmonella Mbandaka infections, with 19 people requiring hospital treatment and one unfortunate fatality in the UK.

The primary mode of transmission for this bacteria is through ready-to-eat chicken products and fresh chicken meat used in sandwiches and wraps. These products serve as the “likely vehicles of infection” as identified by case interviews from affected countries.

Recent Outbreaks and Cases

The recent outbreak of Salmonella Mbandaka infections has highlighted the need for vigilance in monitoring and controlling food safety standards. The SCPHA, along with other food safety authorities, must take necessary actions to prevent such outbreaks and protect public health.

The Importance of Properly Cooked Chicken

In the United Kingdom, authorities require pre-cooked chicken to be free from salmonella contamination, as consumers are not expected to thoroughly cook it before consumption. This regulation ensures that cooked chicken products are safe for immediate consumption, reducing the risk of bacterial infections.

Identifying the Source of Contamination

Determining the source of contamination is crucial to prevent future incidents. The cause of contamination can range from contaminated equipment at the factory to broader issues in the supply chain. Identifying the source will help establish preventive measures and ensure safer food production.

The Role of Food Safety Authorities

Food safety authorities, like the SCPHA, play a critical role in monitoring and enforcing food safety regulations. Routine checks and stringent measures are essential to identify potential hazards and promptly address them to safeguard public health.

The Danger of Salmonella Mbandaka in Cooked Chicken
Chicken wings are displayed at the Wing Bowl in Philadelphia, Friday, Feb. 4, 2011. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Preventive Measures and Guidelines

To minimize the risk of Salmonella Mbandaka contamination, it is essential to follow food safety guidelines diligently. Proper hygiene and sanitation practices in food processing facilities, as well as safe handling and storage of food products, are crucial preventive measures.


Salmonella Mbandaka presents a significant health risk, particularly in pre-cooked chicken products. The recent discovery of this bacteria at the Port of Felixstowe serves as a wake-up call for the importance of maintaining strict food safety standards. By implementing preventive measures and adhering to guidelines, we can protect consumers from potential harm and avoid future outbreaks.


  1. What is Salmonella Mbandaka?
    • Salmonella Mbandaka, known for causing infectious outbreaks worldwide, is a subspecies of the Salmonella bacteria.
  2. How is Salmonella Mbandaka transmitted to humans?
    • Humans primarily become infected through the consumption of contaminated water or food, especially ready-to-eat chicken products, and fresh chicken meat.
  3. What are the symptoms of Salmonella Mbandaka infection?
    • Common symptoms include fever, vomiting, and diarrhea, which may last for a few days. However, severe consequences can occur, especially in vulnerable individuals.
  4. How can the spread of Salmonella Mbandaka be prevented?
    • Preventive measures include following food safety guidelines, maintaining proper hygiene in food processing facilities, and ensuring safe handling and storage of food products.
  5. What is the role of food safety authorities in preventing outbreaks?
    • Food safety authorities like the SCPHA are responsible for monitoring and enforcing food safety regulations to identify and address potential hazards in the food supply chain.

Source By-https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-suffolk-66316355

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