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How to Decorate Sugar Cookies…!!


Sugar cookies are not just delicious treats; they also provide a wonderful canvas for creative decoration. Whether you’re a seasoned baker or just starting out, learning how to decorate sugar cookies can be a fun and rewarding experience. From simple designs to intricate masterpieces, the possibilities are endless. In this blog post, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of decorating sugar cookies, sharing tips and techniques that will help you create stunning edible works of art. So let’s grab our aprons and dive into the world of cookie decorating!



  • Sugar cookies (baked and cooled)

  • Royal icing (pre-made or homemade)

  • Gel food coloring

  • Piping bags or squeeze bottles

  • Decorating tips (small round and star tips)

  • Sprinkles, edible pearls, or other decorations (optional)

  • Toothpicks or small paintbrushes (for detailed designs)


  1. Prepare the Royal Icing:

    • If using pre-made royal icing, follow the instructions on the packaging to achieve the desired consistency.
    • If making your own, combine powdered sugar and meringue powder in a mixing bowl. Gradually add water and mix until you reach the desired thick, yet spreadable consistency.
    • Divide the icing into smaller bowls and add gel food coloring to each bowl, creating different colors as desired.                                                                                     
  2. Outline and Flood:

    • Transfer a portion of the royal icing to a piping bag or squeeze bottle fitted with a small round tip.
    • Use the piping bag to outline the edges of each sugar cookie, creating a border. This will act as a barrier to contain the flood icing.
    • Thin the remaining icing with a few drops of water at a time until it reaches a pourable consistency, known as flood icing.
    • Fill a squeeze bottle or piping bag with the flood icing and carefully fill the inside of the outlined cookie.
    • Use a toothpick or small spatula to spread the icing evenly within the outline, ensuring it reaches all edges.
    • Gently tap the cookie on a flat surface to help the icing settle and release any air bubbles.
  3. Add Details and Designs:

    • Once the base icing is set, you can add various designs and details using different colors of royal icing.
    • Transfer colored icing to piping bags or squeeze bottles fitted with small round or star tips.
    • Create intricate designs by piping lines, dots, swirls, or even writing names or messages on the cookies.
    • For more intricate designs, use toothpicks or small paintbrushes to create fine lines or add details with contrasting colors.
    • Sprinkle edible decorations, such as sprinkles or pearls, onto the wet icing for added texture and visual appeal.                                                                                       
  4. Allow Cookies to Dry:

    • Let the decorated cookies dry completely at room temperature. This usually takes several hours or overnight, depending on the thickness of the icing.
    • Once dry, the royal icing will harden, creating a beautiful glossy finish.
  5. Store and Share:

    • Once the icing has fully set and hardened, store the decorated sugar cookies in an airtight container to maintain freshness.
    • Share your artistic creations with family and friends or bring them to special occasions and celebrations.


Decorating sugar cookies is a delightful and artistic endeavor that allows you to showcase your creativity while enjoying delicious treats. By following these step-by-step instructions and experimenting with different techniques, colors, and designs, you’ll soon become a sugar cookie decorating pro. So gather your baking supplies, unleash your imagination, and have fun turning plain sugar cookies into edible works of art that are sure to impress everyone around you!



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